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Furry Friend of the Week

The Mix 102.3 Furry Friend of the Week!

The Humane Society of Chittenden County and Ronnie K Spotlight a new Furry Friend of the Week! 

The Furry Friend this week is ready to be your pal!

Looking for a little spice to add to your life?

Meet Pepper! Pepper is one special and social dude! You’ll likely find him soliciting attention to all who stop by to say MEOW. Although Pepper has lived with cats previously he doesn’t seem to appreciate his downstairs neighbors and isn’t afraid to let them know! Pepper is a lover of the great outdoors and would like his new peeps to let him venture in the wild… he’s still got a lot of Pep in his step! If you’d like to share your life with this sweet Pepper, come meet him at HSCC…and tell them Mr. Pepper sent you!

For more information on how to adobt this furry critter or any other, visit