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Furry Friend of the Week

The Mix 102.3 Furry Friend of the Week!

The Humane Society of Chittenden County and Ronnie K Spotlight a new Furry Friend of the Week! 

The Furry Friend this week is ready to be your pal!

Meet our Sugar Babies: Mouse & Harry Potter! These cats are so sweet, you have to regulate their sugar! 

Mouse and Harry Potter came to HSCC under different circumstances, but after discovering their common bond of being two diabetic dudes, they were introduced and decided sharing a space together wasn’t so bad. Mouse quickly became a staff favorite after spending a significant amount of time roaming free in our Medical Room – so much time in fact, that he became our Medical Mascot! Harry Potter (or “H.P.” for short!) was very shy at first and has come a long way on his journey towards finding a new home. They are currently on a prescription diabetic diet and receive twice daily insulin injections to regulate their glucose levels. They both take these daily treatments like champs! Though they have done well living together, Mouse and H.P.  do not need to go to the same home (it’s just nice company while they’re here!). If you have space in your home and the ability to provide regular vet care and attend to their special needs, we would love to meet you! You can read more their stories at

For more information on how to adobt this furry critter or any other, visit