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Furry Friend of the Week

The Mix 102.3 Furry Friend of the Week!

The Humane Society of Chittenden County and Ronnie K Spotlight a new Furry Friend of the Week! 

The Furry Friend this week is ready to be your pal!

Olaf and Humphrey are the very best of friends, and would love to meet you!

Olaf is the larger chocolate-colored cutie, while Humphrey is a beautiful blend of tan, brown, and white. Their previous owner reported that they are both very social buns (Olaf would take naps with them! Too cute!) and they have even traveled on an airplane before! How’s that for some worldly buns? Come say Hi to Olaf and Humphrey today!

For more information on how to adobt this furry critter or any other, visit