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Furry Friend of the Week

The Mix 102.3 Furry Friend of the Week!

The Humane Society of Chittenden County and Ronnie K Spotlight a new Furry Friend of the Week! 

The Furry Friend this week is ready to be your pal!

Hi! My name is Snowball!

I'm white, fluffy and round...and I won't melt in the summer! I'm very social, love attention and I will sit in your lap once I am comfortable with my surroundings (I am a creature of habit after all!). I'm a vegetarian and in addition to hay and pellets, I just LOVE to eat carrots, spinach and lettuce. I also chirp when I hear my food bags being opened. I pride myself on the best self-care and am squeaky clean (I hate to be dirty!). I'm a very active boy and I can play for up to 20 hours per day and love napping for short periods on my comfy, divine bed. I'm looking for a home to call my own and if you're looking for a cuddly, fun, playful pet...let's talk!

For more information on how to adobt this furry critter or any other, visit